Break up text app for iPhone!

Sometimes enough is definitely enough but how should you correctly handle breaking up with a person. If you have any respect you will talk to them face to face, if you have any morals you will talk over the phone however. Break up text app for iPhone! You have to make up some reason why you don’t want to be with them anymore. Then you have to decide how to deliver the news. Do you at least face them in person, look in their eyes and watch hurt course through them? Or are you a modern person who sends a text out and be done! This break up text app has a since of humor to it but not to a person who might not find it so funny. I just find I crazy that social media acknowledges break ups via text message so badly that now there is a somewhat comical app for it! Allegedly one of the creators Jake Levine says “yes it started off funny, however this shows how technology really is playing a part in our everyday lives and our relationships! Breaking up is hard to do but when you’ve made up that enough is enough, it’s all a matter of figuring out the right time to deliver the blow.

Relationships break down for all kinds of reasons. Financial struggles, changing family dynamics or infidelity are reasons people decide to call a quits. Once you’ve had your last straw and you know that it’s over, you’ll start to notice more signs that your love has died for this person. According to Black Media Scoop, there are eleven signs that signal you are over your relationship. BMS reports that if you’re not compatible anymore, it’s likely that you won’t last much longer. Take a couple, who married young, let’s say straight out of high school. They’ve been married for ten years and are now in completely different places in life. When the two met, both were from a small town, were close knit with their families and were more like social moths then butterflies. Now, the wife has come out of her shell, has gotten a big city job and wants to spread her wings by moving and meeting new people. While the husband is still that same guy she met back in high school and shows no interest in leaving his hometown or big city living. If they stay together, one or both of them will end up unhappy. Once the deed is done, you may need some assistance on how to properly deal with the aftermath. For tips on how to get through your break up process click here.


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