Homosexual man sets Guinness record for twerking!

People have been shaking their booties for a long time but the term twerking is taking it to the next level. Twerking was added to the dictionary and is seemed to be a term for the advanced booty shakers. Miley Cyrus is said to be the ratchet white girl who made it more normal somewhat to see a white girl shaking her behind. But does she get the Guinness record no! Homosexual man sets Guinness record for twerking! Now many people are confused if anyone would be to set this record they assumed it would be a woman. However, it is not it is a black homosexual male who got the prize. At the presentation of the record the crowd was very accepting of the win not one boos or jeer was thrown out yet applause, laughter, and happiness.


Is this another sign of how homosexuality is becoming more open and socially accepted? Yes, the world we live in well the United States specifically right now is in a twilight zone. In other words it is shifting and constantly growing and accepting people for who they are. It took forever for people like Martin Luther King Jr. and other civil rights activist to finally get what they wanted. Some things definitely don’t happen overnight however it’s the small things that make us better as a society. As human beings we should appreciate life, we all go through things and we all know what it is liked to be hurt. Therefore there should be some type of love for others if you know what emotional or physical pain feels like why want to put someone else through it? At the presentation of the new record everyone was there to have a good time and that’s what life is about. Being a honest upstanding person, hardworking, and to have a good time YOLO!

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