Are You Messing With Married Men?

I’m In Love With a Married Man!


So today’s topic is taboo. Are you courting married men? Well some women are and they are going through it! For a select few, it works out. Today we want to shed light on a phenomenon that many women are exposed to. Believe it or not, everyday married men are on the prowl looking for women who will accept them and their relationship status. Often times, these men do not reveal they’re  married until the other women falls in love and expresses a desire for more. Most times, being romantically involved with someone who is engaged in a holy matrimony does not end well for all relevant parties. Each case may defer from another, but we encourage you to stray away from married men if you can. I mean, what is the best case scenario: him leaving his wife for you? Besides the fact that you are actively contributing to hurting another woman, you are ultimately hurting yourself.

Ladies, if you find yourself falling in love with a man that belongs to someone else, ask yourself what his availability ultimately says about him. Look back on the development of your connection:

       Was it easy, simple or fast?

       Did he mention that he was in an unhappy relationship or did he keep it a secret?

□       Is the connection you have about lust?

□       Would he do this to you?

These questions may help you realize what he has to offer you outside of him being married. In these instances, you have to be honest with yourself and ask what type of man he actually may be. We do understand that sometimes connections are inevitable and undeniable. If that might be the case, then you must follow your heart.

Remember those psychological paradigms our mothers taught us about virtue? We are not here to step on toes, but you may be unlearning all you have been taught which may transcend into your interaction with your family and or children. In all cases, if you find yourself in love with a married man, you have to remind yourself that you have done some things that you typically should not have.

Enough SAID!

I have posted comical humor on unfaithfulness in marriages. Hope you enjoy!

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