Not Quite the Ride or Die: Commitment Phobia


The Downside of Commitment Phobia

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Do you struggle with being dedicated to people? If so, then you may be suffering from commitment phobia. Also known as relationship anxiety, commitment phobia describes a condition where people avoid exclusive titles pertaining to their stage in the romance process or remaining in relationships for long periods of time. These people have an innate fear of obligations that restrict various freedoms. The detestation for being committed can be argued as a narrow reflection of weakness or inherent pessimism that diminishes the positive possibilities of successful relationships. It reveals the expectation that relationships end bad or have no purpose. Such phobia can show to be toxic in less obvious areas in the long run.

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Avoiding commitment as a means of restoration can cause psychological damage. You will still experience feelings due to your anatomy and psyche but because of your installed mindset, they can become more intense or scary. The unique fear may cause you to see the things that you may truly want as sources of heartbreak or hindrance and you end up depriving yourself and hurting others. The phobia can also be induced by insecurities that are not being well-handled. Maybe you feel like you are not enough personally so you avoid letting others down. Maybe you have particular family dynamics, trust issues, or childhood mishaps. Ignoring these broad issues and letting them dictate your sincerity are unhealthy and unfair to yourself. Ultimately, going from partner to partner never provides you with closure for these insecurities. In order to resolve the damage that has contributed to the commitment phobia, you must engage in conversation with those you trust and make an effort to be more open-minded towards steady devotion.


The important realization is that commitment phobia can be paralyzing. The habit of not being dedicated can affect your overall ethic. It can transcend into your work and home life. In worst cases, it can lead to narcissism, poor interpersonal, collaborative and professional skills, negative perceptions from others, the inability to love fully, sexual trauma and loneliness! On another note, sometimes commitment phobia is justified with good reasons like: you have been hurt many times, the person does not measure up, you know that you are lacking skills that fit the relationship position, or you just are not ready because of life’s current circumstances. However, these reasons should always remain situational and never permanent frameworks for how you proceed in your love life. We encourage you to stray away from this fear of commitment. After all commitment in its full form, especially love, is the key to growth and prosperity!


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