Liars Are the Best Lovers

Lying is not Loving!


Are you a victim of romantic storytelling, dream selling or full out chronic lying? Some men and women find themselves in relationships with compulsive and unapologetic liars. We argue that no matter where you are in the romantic stage with someone, lies are flaming red flags. Whether you guys are just “kicking it”, “getting serious,” or engaged in holy matrimony, dishonesty should not be taken lightly.  You often find members of the younger to middle aged crowd casually saying “all he or she does is lie!” Is this a norm for new generation lovers?

When your partner is dishonest with you, they are exhibiting the highest form of disdain towards you. You are also actively contributing to your depreciation in your partner’s eyes. Your naiveté becomes an oasis of convenience for them because you are letting them getting away with things other men and women won’t!  No matter who you are, lying does not discriminate and it affects men and women the same. If your heart is in it, lying will cause a serious issue. For the optimistic and forgiving, liars can be overwhelming and emotionally draining. For the naïve, lying is a second language. Understand readers, when you allow your partner repeatedly get away with lying, you are consciously and deliberately lying to yourself. Some argue that they heave sufficient self-coping mechanisms installed keeping them safe from heartache. This is another form of lying to yourself. Self coping mechanisms are completely helpful, but do not install them to tolerate unnecessary disrespect. Forgiveness is absolutely necessary for relationships to prosper. However, when your remission becomes your weakness, your tie to the one you love becomes an unhealthy disadvantage.

Lying can be an indicator of BAD qualities in a person. If someone who you are emotionally attached lies to you, they may be indicating their willingness to:

  • Be unfaithful or unloyal
  • Be insensitive
  • Commit crimes
  • Put themselves before others
  • Overcome your or their insecurities

Check out  and  to learn some signs that indicate that your partner may be lying to you. If you are experiencing dishonesty in your relationship and do not know how to handle it, reach out to us and we can talk about it!

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