PTSD: Flashbacks, Nightmares and a Life Out of Control

PTSD with flashbacks and nightmares is a very disabling . Psychiatrist see this disease often.  Both veterans and abuse victims can meet criteria.  Many people with this disease are misunderstood. If not treated properly it can lead to suicide. Please don’t abandon family/friends with this disease. Try to understand their ” pain.”  Just listen to their story it usually helps.

Most people with PTSD were perfectly normal before the trauma. The trauma changed them.   They are now different.   So just what is this disease?  It is the residual effects of a traumatic experience.  The trauma gets “locked into a person’s unconscious.”  This is Dr. O’s  clinical definition. I treat many patients with this problem.   They are usually very caring people but just distressed.  The experience of flashbacks and nightmares is uncomfortable. This leads many into a life of social isolation Some feel like “life is out-of-control.”

This disease is treatable. Oftentimes, we start by completing a medical exam. We have to no acute medical emergencies are present. We check blood pressure and heart rates. We also evaluate for  both drugs and alcohol. This is not an unusual  finding.  Many PTSD patients self-medicate.  They drink to sleep and try to function normal in our society.  This is their new normal.

A Typical  PTSD Treatment  Plan May Include:

  1. Helping the patient understand their role in the actual trauma
  2. Help them process feelings of guilt and hopelessness associated with the trauma
  3. Teach them strategies to possibly move past the trauma
  4. Help their families understand the mechanics of the disease
  5. Allow the patient to participate, in Group Process (If they are ready)
  6. Provide them with medications to aid in quality sleep, nightmare and flashback reduction

If you are feeling suicidal or having problems with PTSD Call 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255)

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