Deadliest Shooting in American History Reveals Horrific Details

image Deadliest Shooting in American History

Pictured above: The gunman responsible for taking 50 lives.

Over 24 hours has passed since what people are calling the most deadliest shooting in United States History. Since then, more grizzly and unimaginable  details have surfaced.
The shooter has been identified as 29-year-old US. born Omar Marteen. The final count of those affected by this massacre is 50 dead and more than 50 wounded.
Omar Mateen was born in New York and his parents were born in Afganistan. According to ABC reports, Mateen may have had ties with jihadist terror groups though as of now they cannot confirm. According to the FBI, Mateen had been on their radar for some time. Mateen’s father has come forward to make a heartfelt apology claiming that his son had serious grudges towards the gay community and that images of men dating men and women dating women were somethings he couldn’t not swallow.  Mateen’s ex wife and co-worker have come forward both expressing that they are not surprised by his acts. Despite Mateen’s troubled profile, he was still legally possessing his fire-arms as he had a gun license

Heartbreaking words and images have circulated the media. Stories of detectives hearing dead victims cell phones ringing as they search the body-filled club. One of the most controversial images, a text conversation between a boy and his mom as he was trapped in the bathroom sending the message “I’m gonna die.” Today, the boy was confirmed dead.

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    How can stop these radical expressions of faith and beliefs? Will gun laws ever find a perfect fit in our society? How can those being speculated by the FBI still purchase guns?

Readers if you know someone who expressed sincere hate for a community, speak up and act. Hate and resistance towards love is never ok and can be signs of terrible motives.

This story has truly sparked a world-wide conversation as people all over the world are trying to help heal the community broken by this tragic event.
You can help by
1. Donating blood – Call 1-888-936-6283, visit, or contact your local Red Cross.
2. Visit to donate to their local hospitals.
3. Show your support and sentiments with PulseOrlando on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #PrayForOrlando.
4. Show your love and support for the LGBT community by reminding them we stand with them.
The troubling truth is that this could have been any of us. We know the road to recovery will be rough for the city of Orlando. We wish healing and blessings to those affected by this massacre. Most importantly, we hope and pray for the safety of ourselves.


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