Tragic Underestimations: Hurricane Matthew Smashes Down on East Coast

Hurricane Matthew 

As Florida trailblazes the path of Hurricane Matthew, its current conditions are scaring meterologits and neighboring states. The now, category 3 storm is traveling at 120 mph, with gust winds traveling at 150 mph.

Here’s what we know so far:

  • Nearly 4.9 million residents have lost power- a number that increased from 500,000 over night.
  • Now a category 3 hurricane. (Better than category 4, but still major.)
  • The eye of the storm is only a few miles from making aerial contact with the state of FL.
  • Over 22,000 people are in county shelters.
  • Even with heavy rainfall, some homes are catching fire and local firefighters don’t have immediate and reliable water supply.
  • The active exploding of power lines leave empty areas vulnerable to more fire and ambiguous casualties.

As for Florida, Governor Scott held a press conference stating that there have been no casualties. The enormous amount of homes losing power at alarming rates are of highest concern for FL officials.

Reports of one person dead has just surfaced. 

Reports were in consensus that the now more subtle storm would have subsided by now. The storm is projected to keep traveling North along the coast. All we can do is pray for our loved ones and try our best to prepare for heavy rainfall. 

This storm has devastated Haiti, leaving over 800 dead. Read more at.  .

I am praying rigorously for the families affected in Haiti.

Please return bac to for updates on the storm. 

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