Merry Christmas on A Shoe String Budget!DrO Speaks

Merry Christmas on a shoe string budget can happen. Many people over extend themselves during the holiday season. As a result, January can lead to headaches and sometimes even bankruptcy. However, this year let’s do things  a little different. You should plan your shopping and then shop with your plan. Take your budget and check list. Stay on task. Don’t make any changes after you leave the house. Make this year a “cash-cow” or better yet, “budget Bob” Christmas.   Let’s  get a couple of ground-rules before we start this post:

  1. No over-eating
  2. No over-spending*
  3. No over drinking
  4. No coveting your neighbor’s house. (If you know what I mean)
  5. No adultery
  6. No fornication

Now I know that this may be hard for many of you big spenders. Keeping up with the Jones’ is essential.  You can have a Merry Christmas if you can possibly keep at least 4 of the 6 rules, you should have a successful holiday season.  Today’s post will only deal with number #2. This is the one that usually gets us into the most legal trouble with bill collectors around January 31st. You should try something different this year. For example, stop with all of the gift cards. If you can’t think of something nice to give Aunt Sue, just give her the $10.00 and save the extra charge for the card. Also, give Uncle Nate some handkerchiefs.  After all, he has chronic sinusitis and is always blowing his nose.  Remember, it is okay to give your favorite choir member a $2.99 bag of peppermint. You sing right next to her ,in the choir loft, and Lord knows she needs a strong mint,  after a good verse or two of Silent Night.

By now I hope you have had a good laugh or two. This is a season of joy. However, please be financially responsible. Don’t go into a lot of debt. Yes, Christmas only comes once a year, but less not take the next six months to pay these bills.


Self- Appointed Christmas Financial Advisor (non-certified)

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