Should I Stay In An Abusive Relationship?

This is a question that many people have been faced with at one time or another. The second question that many people have is, “can I afford to live independently”? In today’s harsh economic times, the answer is usually no! Another issue is how to participate in sex with an abusive mate. This is a very difficult feat that many people have learned to accomplish, but the harsh reality is that sex against one’s will is simply RAPE. Staying in an abusive relationships is not what the doctor ordered, and can certainly lead to both depressive and or anxiety disorders.  What you have to do is assess the risks and the benefits of staying versus leaving. It may mean a temporary setback, but it is a matter of your health and happiness.

Now you really have to be careful with abusive mates because some of them can be very dangerous. Talk to your physician and family if need be, however, plan your strategy and be slow but deliberate. Moreover, don’t jump to a new relationship soon after leaving a bad one; take some time to process and review what possibly went wrong in the previous relationship.

Enough Said,

Dr. O

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