Daddy’s Little Girl, Porn’s Biggest Star

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It seems that the common denominator for every teenage girl who wants to be famous is the porn industry. Paris Hilton did hers back in 2003 which exploded her popularity ratings overnight. Then came Kim Kardashian with lukewarm R&B singer Ray J…SHE now has her own show. Now comes Montana Fishburne.

Fishburne, you say? As in…A-list actor Laurence Fishburne? Precisely! His nineteen-year old daughter/budding actress is seeing stars via the adult film industry, and hopes to wade in the same success pool as Paris and Kim. Not only is Montana entering the porn industry for fame, but also to satisfy a longtime desire for sexual exploration. Says Fishburne: “I had a little passion inside me to do porn….I started thinking about it….when I was 16”. Montana Fishburne (whose film name is “Chippie D”) went further, confessing that “porn is a way that I could explore [every kind of fantasy I would like].” Backing this statement might be her last year’s run-in with the law, where she was sentenced to jail and probation for soliciting and loitering for the purpose of prostitution.

Despite father Laurence’s efforts to halt the snowballing mess of her “acting” career (including him and his friends’ attempt to purchase all the video footage from her films for a whopping $1M), Montana maintains that she didn’t enter the industry to bring shame to her family or her father’s name. Furthermore, not all members of the Fishburne clan are upset by her choice…her mother actually offered her support!

But looking at Montana, as she is a child who was victimized by divorce, are the parents to blame, or is this her own doing? Did the result of her parents’ divorce cause her to fall down the “rabbit hole” into the adult film “Wonderland”? What underlying catalyst could have influenced her behavior? Is there a deliberate desire to be rebellious, or is there a subconscious effect taking place?

“My dad’s very upset,” says Montana. “I heard he’s mad at me but I haven’t spoken to him yet. I feel pretty confident that I can work things out with him.”

Good luck with that, Chippie D…I’m sure once Daddy gets a hold you, it will be a whole different type of punishment…one you won’t enjoy.

What do you think of Montana Fishburne’s want to be an adult film actress? Would you support her for following her dreams or not? Let’s start a discussion on this to see what our readers think!

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