AskDrO’s Follow-Up Discussion For “Ten Ways To Recognize Undercover Cheating” (Part II)

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AskDrO does not want to  leave you hanging now that I have got your attention from last week’s post. We where interrupted by the Eddie Long crisis!   If your score was more than 5,  here are the next steps:

  1. First take the test over to see if you get the same score.
  2. If the score is still POSITIVE (5 or more) it is now time to develop a plan.
  3. Stop all unprotected sex for now. If he or she asks why, be real and disclose your thoughts. The life you SAVE may be your very own.
  4. Check all of your personal assets in case there has to be a change of venue, if you know what I mean.  (relocation may be necessary for one or both parties if violence becomes a factor). Never have only one combined bank account; this is a No- No!
  5. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT disclose your business to friends.  If you have a physician or someone who is bound by law to maintain confidentiality, discuss the issue with them, but don’t talk too much to anybody but GOD.
  6. If your pastor is professional and caring, you may want to talk to him/her. However, if he/she has a reputation for talking a lot, leave them alone.
  7. Confront your spouse/lover/mate gingerly. Allow them to talk and process if there is a need. Remember you are the one with the problem.
  8. If he/she becomes angry or agitated this is confirmatory. Plan your next move.
  9. If he/she becomes dismissive and accuses you of being crazy, you are not. This is a trick and they are MOST PROBABLY messing around. Again, plan your next move.
  10. If they seem shocked, concerned and hurt by the accusation, give them the benefit of the doubt. However, keep your eyes and ears open because “Every Shut-Eye Ain’t Sleep and Every Good-Bye Ain’t Gone!”

If you need more help dealing with relationship issues, feel free to call our office and schedule an appointment. We do have and see patients from other cities and states for relationship issues only, and if they are willing to travel to Atlanta.

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