Clifford “T.I.” Harris: This One Ain’t The “Big Easy!” (AskDrO Updates On T.I.’s Legal Issues)

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As of June 30, 2006:

  • The number of White people incarcerated was 400/100,000 persons compared to 2,468/100,000 persons for Black people.
  • The number of White males incarcerated was 736/100,000 and Black males incarcerated was 4,789/100,000 persons .
  • More specific for T.I. (a 29 year old African-American male) as of June 30, 2009 there were 1,685/100,000 persons (ages 25-29) incarcerated in the White population. However, in the Black population,  there were 11,695/100,000 Black males (ages 25-29) incarcerated. This would be equivalent to 11.7% of all Black males in their late twenties.

The new female federal attorney ain’t playing…In Georgia, Black males make up 30% of the general population, but 60% of the prison population.

The speculations and rumors are really picking up. It looks like the verdict on Clifford Harris is  “guilty.”  Remember T.I.: you are a Black Man (even with money) and you are still  guilty until proven innocent.   I am concerned that this young star might be in a little more trouble than we initially expected. Here is the thing: T.I. you are on probation… I am NOT sure that you totally get this concept. At this juncture there are three possible violations that he is faced with:

  1. Possession of MDMA, or “Ecstasy”
  2. Testing positive for the use of opiates
  3. Hanging out with a convicted felon.

What really bothers me about this case is that I am sure T.I. just saw the near massacre of Michael Vick. This was the star quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons who was literally crucified for his association with Dog Fighting. I will not use this for Monday morning punting but the whole crucifixion process  with Mr. Vick was a little crazy. It appears that America now cares more for their dogs than their people. The fact is it appears that T.I. just does not get it at all. With a successful rap career and lucrative business ventures, what does he have to lose?

  • Endorsements
  • Fan Base
  • Freedom
  • and the Promise

The dynamic formulation of his behavior most likely stems from his background.  However, I am sure that with his money and fame, he should be able to contract out a strong publicist (like mine, Nikki Walker of NWPR. Inc.)

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