New Phenomena: Black Males Completing Suicide! AskDrO Calls For Action.

I am just devastated! This morning I woke up to a CNN Breaking News Flash: “Broncos WR Kenny McKinley found dead.” The caveat was that he was suspected of dying via a self-inflicted gun shot wound to the head (SUICIDE).

This story is becoming all to common here in America.  The other, more disturbing issue is that his young son was visiting him at the time. Fortunately, he was not at the residence when the event occurred. Thank God! However, this does not exempt his son from the sequel of depression and suicide completion himself..the curse just may seemingly continue.

This  really strikes home for me because this young man was from Atlanta (former Football Star at Cobb High School-Atlanta) and was actually friends with some of MY high school classmates’ kids.   Although an investigation is ongoing by the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office of Arapahoe County, it is pretty clear that is was the dreaded “SUICIDE!”


Why did he kill himself? There are several hypotheses floating around:

  1. He was placed on the injured-reserve list for the Broncos, secondary to a knee injury.
  2. He was suffering from depression as a result of #1.
  3. It is alleged that he has some financial stress.

What is going on with African-American Men In America:

  • Many of them have given up and can not find any other options or ways out!
  • The pressure-cooker is broken and they are running into brick walls everywhere: work, school and home!
  • The church has failed us. The church is now seen as a glorified “pyramid scheme.”
  • Access to services is down and insurance companies are carving out mental health services.
  • The economy is a wreck and the Democrats are taking us slowly to Hell!

Here is the Call To Action:

  1. Brothers, let’s talk! Talk to your primary care physicians, psychiatrists and local ministers (if they will listen).
  2. Insurance Companies: let’s make it easier for the young men to access services.
  3. American Psychiatric Association and Black Psychiatrists of America:  state your positions loudly on this issue!
  4. American Psychiatric Association: immediately  PROVIDE more training/education that is specific for  cross-cultural mental health issues and treatments as it impacts and effects Black men.
  5. Pharmaceutical Companies: partner in our communities, with the physicians, to reduce the cost of state-of-the-art  medications that have been proven effective in all cultures.

America, we are in a state of crisis. We cannot continue losing our Black men to suicide. Our ‘Faith” is wavering; we have to find an alternative way out. Suicide is NOT the way. Let me hear from you on this issue; AskDrO wants to hear your comments.

Depression, anxiety and suicide are attempting to kill a nation, Black men.

Suicide is a harmful issue in our communities, but did you know that suicide stems from depression? In fact, you may have depression and not know it. Take the Dr. Owens Mental Health Prescreen Assessment and check your mental status now!

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