Bristol vs. Brandy: Sign of Things To Come?

Brandy & Bristol Palin

After the Dancing With The Stars results show on Monday, I don’t blame the Wisconsin man who shot at his TV. In contrast to her victor who can only boast on the fact she’s been ranked near the bottom of the dance teams six times, Brandy has gracefully wowed the audience and judges from the very beginning of the show’s season. Her dismissal was not only a shocker, but a scandalous embarrassment to the DWTS viewers. Brandy outdanced and outshined Bristol Palin, however, nowadays it seems talent can only get you so far before injustice raises its head. And here comes the suppositions, rumors, and conspiracies!

This isn’t only limited to television; this is prevalent in music, film, and even politics. And speaking of Palin, we all remember when Sarah Palin ran with John McCain in the presidential election. Her popularity with being the first female Vice President was enough to rouse voters at the poll although her diction, deliverance, and savoir-faire were almost excruciating to watch. And NOW…with her new found confidence, she believes she can overtake Barack Obama in the 2012 election. Even more frightening, roughly 79% of Republican citizens view her favorably.

I’m afraid for the future: is the voting behavior on DTWS a sign of things to come in the 2012 Presidential election? Statistics show that in 10 years’ time, Whites will be the new minority. In a race against the clock, are they coalescing to rid the nation of “aliens” in an effort to take back “their” country, and have they used the Bristol Palin/Brandy vote as a “test experiment”? I have a feeling that, should minorities become the new majority, there will be no wriggle room for Whites to control the nation.

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