Learn The Art of Complimenting A Man.


Women have it great when it comes to being complimented. There are so many traits about a woman which deem them flawless, beautiful, gorgeous, breathtaking, and other words to describe their style or personality. For men, a compliment rolls off the tip of our tongue, and the art of it comes in many different forms, slang and terms. But we at AskDrO believe in fairness; women get all the credit when it comes to looks, personality, and savoir-faire. Because most of our readers are women, sometimes complimenting a man is like learning a foreign language. Women sometimes view men are overly confident, sometimes cocky. They view them as strong-backed, iron-clad machines of nature with a broken “aggression” switch, incapable of being empathetic or romantic.

Men love to be noticed...so acknowledge him!

The truth is, ladies, a LOT of relationship’s success stems from the simple things. A good man doesn’t require but the simple things in life: in this case, we’ll tackle the art of the compliment. Men, like women, LOVE to be noticed, even though their efforts are silent. Try to remember that it’s not always about the physical aspects; a compliment can delve into his psyche, his accomplishments, or other positive aspects of himself. No matter your style, a little flattery goes a long way with him, and to prove it, we’ve got 10 compliments worth expressing as it applies to a man.

10.) “I really love your drive/ambition” – because a man is a natural provider. Encouraging his efforts go much longer than nagging about him constantly at work.

9.) “Thank you for listening” – because women sometimes go on and on and on about “nothing”. A man who listens AND responds is a diamond in the rough, so show your appreciation!

8.) “You smell really nice” – this is like a confidence boost when said at the right moment. It reassures a man that he is attractive, or possesses great style.

7.) “I love the way you____” – fill in your own blanks here, but no matter what you love about him, whether big or small, a compliment will endure his continued betterment.

6.) “You really know how to please me” – stroking a man’s sexual ego is always a plus, and for the right man, it’s a means to please you MORE, not a means to getting lazy.

5.) “I trust you” – because most of today’s women see men as “dogs”, letting him know that you think more highly of him builds his value and his commitment to you.

4.) “You’re the best/sweetest thing” – it’s probably a lot to say, but let him know if it’s true! By letting him know you think the world of him, his loyalty to you increases tenfold!

3.) “I like your sense of style” – no matter how you put it, this next-level compliment to “you look nice” tells a man you appreciate his ability to put things together and his savior-faire.

2.) “You are sexy as hell” – when all else fails, if you want to catch him off-guard, throw this wild-card compliment out! Then he’s guaranteed to blush!

1.) “I really love being with you” – because sometimes, men don’t know if a woman enjoys his company like he does hers. Let him know, and watch how EVERYTHING gets better!

Now we’re not saying that you HAVE to use the same words or compliment in the same style we’ve laid out in the post. As always, it’s best that you be yourself and be open, and do whatever feels comfortable for you. But guaranteed, when there’s a man you appreciate….LET HIM KNOW! Besides, an honest woman is one of the things men look for!

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