Fantasia’s Fashion Nightmare! American Idol 2012

For the finals last night on American Idol, several celebrities came  out of hiding to either perform or be in the positive atmosphere.  One of whom left a burning image on the minds of the fans.  Fantasia Barrino, winner of the third season back in 2004, performed with finalist Joshua Ledet.  The two sung a duet on Elton John’s “Take Me to the Pilot.”  The two got a lot of attention, but not mainly because of their high notes and harmony.

Fantasia’s outfit was HIDEOUS!! Before I go any further you must take a look to understand.

What the hell is that?! She looks like her catsuit got caught in a bad romance with sequins.  She added slits on her legs and arms so show off a little skin.  It was a complete nightmare.  Who is her designer because…? LOL!

Okay, enough of the jokes.  On a serious not,e you can clearly see that Fantasia  has gained a significant amount of weight.  I’m assuming that the catsuit was supposed to accentuate her legs and take away from her bulkiness.  But the fans did not take it so well.

One viewer states, “Fantasia Barrino looks like a Fat-Drag-Queen-Cat-Woman #IdolFinale.” Ooo harsh!

Another claims, “Fantasia’s split, sequin catsuit might be the single worst article of clothing anyone has ever worn. And that’s not hyperbole.”

Finally a loyal fan states that “the duos voices are amazing” but she “doesn’t know how long she could last in a Joshua Ledet/Fantasia Barrino concert.”

Another ico, Chaka Khan, felt the need to rock the catsuit last night on stage.  Showing off her new figure was a success to fans!  Many applauded Khan for losing that weight and flaunting her stuff around.  Chaka Khan was accompanied by the Top 10 females in singing “I’m Every Woman.”  She gave that performance life!

The only one that seemed to have failed is Fantasia Barrino in her attack suit.  Maybe Fantasia is gaining weight from the whole epidemic of her “stealing” her new man away.  Then rumors are heard of her being pregnant.  So is that a pregnant belly under all that sequins?  What ever it was mad her face look even fatter than before.  Fantasia’s hair and make could have been a little better too.  That center part was not working with her last night, as the little hairs continued to lift up, up, up and away!!

Viewers of Idol, started the battle of catsuits between icons Fantasia Barrino (L) and Chaka Khan (R).  99.9% of the fans that openly expressed their opinions said that Fantasia’s outfit was an epic fail, but Chaka Khan’s was a success!  And I must admit… I do agree that Chaka Khan was the victor of this one.  Although, the catsuit in the first place might not have been my first choice.  However, the disastrous outfits do not, and never will, take away from the tremendous talent these women possess.  Both singers delivered last night and had the crowd hype!  Did you see the show last night?  Who do you think won this catsuit battle?

As always, leave a comment below stating your opinion.

Dr. O

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