Gun Shootings Increased 14 Percent Over Last Year!

The memorial holiday weekend was fun-filled for some and miserable for others.  As the summer begins, high temperatures contribute to blood boilings all over the country.  In Chicago this past weekend there were many shootings.  There were reportedly 10 deaths and approximately 40 injuries.  To most, that number is pretty high for deaths over a course of three days.  We send our condolences out to those families who have lost a loved one.  A department spokesman could not confirm the tally and claimed that “many incidents were still under investigation and couldn’t be classified at the time.”

The violence increased at a time where Mayor Rahm Emanuel has put tremendous effort towards fighting gangs and cleaning up the city’s most dangerous neighborhoods.  One passionate writer says, “He can’t ‘…fight gun crimes and clean up some of the city’s most dangerous neighborhoods.’ America is an entrenched gun society and loves guns. It is an integral part of American culture and will never change.”  Although, this might be true, it does not stop the fact that he can TRY, and if he fails he would know what to change for next time.  But… is it worth “fighting” for and losing many lives in the process?

Also, why does America insist on sending certain negative messages to the public and then get upset when they are taken so literally?  If all you’re showing in movies is citizens killing other citizens, eventually that will stick and people will start to act out those movies.  There are plenty of incidents where people take ideas from a movie and use them to get away with their crime.  Either the government is really back at entertaining but still keeping us under control or America has gone wild!  (Yes, I said it.)

Summaries have reported at least 200 homicides so far in comparison to last year’s 134 by this time.  That is a 49.25 percent increase!  That is way too much of an increase in homicides.  On Tuesday, Mayor Rahm Emanuel and  Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy are expected to have a news conference.  They will be discussing two new crime reduction strategies.

Last year, over the holiday weekend, storms came over Chicago forcing everyone inside, where only 4 were slain.  The 10 deaths this year outnumber at almost a 3 time rate.  Shootings are up at a 14 percent increase over last year.  There have beeb 851 shootings so far in 2012 over the 747 during the same time period of last year.

This results to a 50% increase in homicides!  Whatever Mayor Emanuel is doing seems to not be working.  He definitely needs this news conference to discuss some new tactics.  As of now, Chicago is heading for “Murder Capitol of the U.S.”  I’m pretty sure Mayor Emanuel wouldn’t want that to happen under his belt.

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Dr. O

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