Judge Denies Floyd Mayweather’s Request to Bid Jail

Floyd Mayweather has been denied to be moved from Clark County Detention Center to house arrest.  The world champion boxer says he is shriveling up in jail and would like to be moved to house arrest to maintain the training of a boxer.

The Nevada judge says NO and says he will remain there until his 87-day term has elapsed.

After being taken into custody to begin his time a domestic violence case against his ex-wife, Judge Melissa Saragosa said Floyd’s “discovered his subjective understanding” of jail conditions came up “inaccurate.”  She voided a scheduled Thursday hearing and said, “These facts do not give rise to jurisdiction of this court to modify defendant’s sentence.”

Mayweather’s attorneys explained that Mayweather only had a maximum of two years left of being a professional boxer.  They told the judge that it is putting his career on the line being in jail because he is not being properly feed and is not working out.  The one hour daily granted for his training in jail is inefficient.  Outside of jail, the world champion boxer would eat around 2000 to 3000 calories a day.  He is only being feed 800 calories a day and would like to be put on house arrest instead.

The 35-page request included a doctor’s report that said Mayweather’s calorie intake was one-fifth of what he needed and the increased isolation hinders him from exercise.

Floyd Mayweather is serving an 87-day sentence for pleading guilty to a domestic charge between the mother of his three children.

Judge Saragosa fiercely wrote back saying, “The court finds the alleged dehydration of the defendant to be self-induced as water is made available to him 24 hours a day.”  BAM!

She further adds, “The court further finds the estimated intake of only 800 calories per day is also self-induced as defendant chooses not to eat the food provided.”

Seems like Mayweather is too used to his lobsters and steaks, that he can’t take a little fish and grits!  LOL!

The Judge finally closes, “The physical training areas may not be consistent with his prior regimen, but he is indeed provided sufficient space and time for physical activity if he so chooses.”  Floyd Mayweather is tough in the rink so I know he can’t be afraid of the scary men in jail.  So what’s the problem?

Oh, I know!!  It’s not entirely the fact that he does not want to be in jail because of his weight loss.  He doesn’t want to lose his physique because it will be too hard to get it back after he gets out, and possibly costing him a huge “comeback” fight that he could be planning!

Yes, I’m always two-steps ahead.  And it all makes sense!

One commentator agreed entirely with the Judge saying, “Good for the judge!! This guy got what he deserved and needs to accept it rather than be a cry baby.”

However, the die hard Mayweather fans are distraught!!  They want Mayweather to keep his body and strength so they can cheer for him in the ring.  But the way things seem to be going… that looks like it won’t be happening!

Do you think the Judge’s ruling was fair?  Should Mayweather be allowed to move for the detention center to house arrest so that he can save his career?

Leave your comment below!!

Dr. O

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