Oprah Gets Demoted From Her OWN Network? Literally.

The talk show queen, Oprah Winfrey, widely known for her show and work over in Africa seems to be struggling with the fairly new network.  After she called the Oprah Winfrey Show, “O”, off, the media mogul moved on to a new and bigger project.  With the help of a friend, she opened up her OWN network, literally.  OWN, The Oprah Winfrey Network, was expected to do very well!  Oprah – and all of America – thought it would just be a continuation of her previous shows, except she owns a bigger part of it.

Oh, were we wrong!  OWN never quite achieved that success.  In an attempt to collect the scraps of what is left of the network, the talk show queen may be replaced.  Her rating have fell tremendously as many find what the network offers as BORING.  While others have difficulty even FINDING her network on their TV guides.

Sources say that “Oprah has been stripped of her executive powers at her struggling OWN network.”  The source adds, “The media mogul was reduced to tears when her financial chief banker decided to curtail her control over the network she had worked her fingers to the bone to launch.”  Many have witnessed this woman devote all of her time to become the woman that she is today.  That was very hard work to do and it is heartbreaking to know that it was all in vain of the bigger picture.  Oprah is starting to cope with the pain by drinking and eating a lot more.

Winfrey still holds the title of CEO, but sadly an insider reveals that “it is in name only.”  Meaning that the title holds no power and neither does her signature anymore.  Co-owners of the Oprah Winfrey Network, Discovery Communications said no more with Oprah.   The informer says, “They now realize that she was too inexperienced to run the network.  So she was stripped of her power.  She’s no longer in a position to make executive decisions or hire staff without consulting top Discovery executive first.”  The network reportedly loses $149 million a year.  So far, about $330 million has been lost.

WOW!  She is so much better than this… well was at least.  Where did this all go wrong?

My only guess is that she went wrong with the content of the network.  As well as marketing.  Her name wasn’t out there as much as it was with the show “O”, but she was still Oprah.  She didn’t do a good job on attracting her fans to the network.  As previously said before, what the network offered was far too dull.  America is already used to watching what she does now, it should have been a better variety.  When the content of a network is more diverse, it attracts several crowds which, in turn, make the ratings increase.

How do you feel about Oprah’s spinning-out-of-control network, OWN?  What can her and Discovery do to save it?

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Dr. O


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