UPDATE: Naked Man Eats Homeless Man’s Face (Video, Images)


Doctors say the homeless man whose face has been chewed of by naked cannibal is awake and alert.  They say he is ‘doing well’, but will require more surgery.

Video (does not contain graphic images):

On Tuesday, Jackson Memorial Hospital has released two photos of Ronald Poppo, 65, with his consent.  One showing him walked down a corridor assisted on both sides by a hospital worker.  The other shows a recent look of the victim’s face.  About 3 and a half weeks after the assault, one of his eyes, covered by gauze, and the other, lost in the attack, is covered by skin.  Unfortunately, Poppo’s external nose parts are missing and his forehead have massive scabs.

Scroll down for photos. [Graphic]

The lower half of Poppo’s face, about mustache down, appears to be intact.  Doctors say that he is missing fairly 50% of his face, but the “extremely charming” Poppo remembers the attack, understands that he is in the hospital, and is aware of the media coverage.

University of Miami trauma surgeon and co-director of JMH’s Trauma Center, Nicholas Namias, says, “He’s pleased to eport to all of you that he’s feeling well, he’s eating, he’s walking around with physical therapy, he’s talking with us.”  Adding, “He’s had quite a bit of surgery already.”

Plastic surgeon, Dr. Wrood Kassira, says the primary goal up to date was to clean and close the wounds, but Poppo seems to have a “logical” understanding of reconstructive surgery.

Kassira mentioned, “We have mental health professionals to help with the coping, and he’s coping remarkably well.”

Kassira said that Poppo has had three surgeries already and is now fighting an infection, due to the filthiness of a human’s mouth.  Poppo, who cannot currently see out of his remaining eye, also suffered from a brain injury, similar to one of a car crash, and was admitted with puncture wounds on his chest.

“The guy has got to be a survivor,” said Namias to Local10.  “Living on Watson Island for all these years, I think he’s got to be a survivor, and I think he’s become very pragmatic about life. On any given day, he’s living in the moment.” Namias also added of Poppo, “It’s amazing.”  “He’s an extremely charming man. You talk to him, he’s very upbeat, he’s very pleasant, he hasn’t said one thing negative to me. Every time I ask him how he’s doing, he says he’s doing fine.”

What a blessing!

It is believed that Poppo has been homeless in Miami since the mid-to-late 1970s, and is covered by Medicare and Medicaid.  A fund set up by the hospital has raisied about $15,000 so far.

Poppo showed his charm when he asked his doctor if he was going to watch the game.  And added ‘Go Heat’ in support of his state basketball team!

I’m extremely glad that he seems to be recovering on a steady pace.  I wish him all the best in his future! [Pictures below!]

I only have one question:  why has Poppo, a man who did not do anything wrong, only fund raised $15,000 but Zimmerman, who is a murderer, raised over $135,000?!  I do not see the connection here.

What do you think about this incident?

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Dr. O

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