Is She/He Depressed or Just a Drama Queen? Understanding the Diagnosis of Depression

Oftentimes, people act-out their emotions on a day-to-day basis. We have to get a clearer understanding of what is true depression and drama. When we talk about drama, we can infer that the person may have a personality disorder. The are certain basic signs/symptoms that must be present for a diagnosis of depression. A person must have either a depressed mood or just total lack of interest in all activity. Either of the above are commonly present in today’s presentation of a mood disorder. Now, we have to place close attention to the much more dreaded Bipolar Illness but this post will focus more on the Axis II Personality Disorders.

The other common symptoms of depression include sleep problems, guilt/hopelessness, low energy, concentration problems, appetite disturbances, and just ole fashion lethargy. Depression has raised its head in every demographic and socioeconomic level in our society. This is not a rich man’s or poor man’s disease, it is ubiquitous in society. Depression has to be addressed because left untreated, suicidal thoughts creep in and then you have a medical emergency. In essence, depression must be treated. If not, a violent death could take place. We really have to watch depression in youths and adolescents because there more present a bit more agitated than the adult.

Now what about the dreaded drama queen or king. This is a person that always has an issue with something or somebody. It could be issues in the relationship. It could be issues on their jobs.  It  could even be problems with their immediate families. These people just call cause conflicts. They are usually loud and what one might call “messy.” They are two-faced and talk out of both sides of their mouth. These people just cause trouble everywhere they go. How can you spot a person with a personality disorder.

  1. They are always in conflicts.
  2. They usually change jobs and churches a lot.
  3. They never really want to  talk to you in person.
  4. They send nasty text messages as opposed to talking face-to-face to you.
  5. They have had more than (3) failed relationships in the past two years.
  6. They are sleeping with someone else’s spouse.
  7. They often need to be in control.
  8. They are insecure in their relationship.
  9. They cry at the drop of the hat.
  10. They have to always call for back-up. (i.e They are Punks)

Now some of you may be thinking, I have a few of those qualities. The problem really comes in when you have more than 5 of the above qualities. These people you hate to see them coming. You would almost walk to work rather than car-pool with them. They make you sick. These people are usually trifling and you choose not to be around them. These people are also very difficult in therapy and sometimes their Psychiatrist/Therapist may even fire them from the practice.

Finally here is the checklist for depression:

  1.  Too much or too little sleep
  2. Interest Lost (all)
  3. Guilt/Hopelessnes
  4. Low energy
  5. Concentration Problems (No diagnosis of ADD/ADHD)
  6. Appetite Problems (too  much or too little)
  7. Agitation/ Listless
  8. Suicidal*Medial Emergency

I hope that this helps, but if you need a little more clarity, go to and take the self-assesment. You can also do more reading on this and othe mental disorders

*If you are experiencing suicidal symptoms you should call 911 or seek immediate medical attention.

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