Charleston Church Shooting: Is the Church still a Safe Haven?

Many of us routinely attend Wednesday Night Bible Study.  Never in a million years would someone usually feel in danger of being shot during bible study.

The suspect was a white man who spent an hour in a prayer meeting at the historic African-American church in Charleston, South Carolina, on Wednesday June 17th, 2015  night before he opened fire, killing nine people, Charleston police Chief Greg Mullen said Thursday morning.  The suspect escaped and ran down the streets which are usually busy with tourist.

He was still at large this morning as an army of law enforcement officers combed the region. At 11:25 am he was found in North Carolina and arrested.  FBI were able to trace him due to the fact he had a unique license plate tag.

Mullen said he considers the shooting at the oldest AME church in the South a hate crime — a designation that would allow federal prosecution.

Not only was it terrible that it was in church!, it was during Wednesday Night BIBLE STUDY! A tradition for most christian churches! What has the world come to where we have no remorse or people have no type of sub conscious telling them maybe doing evil is a bad idea! Nobody deserves to be killed, absolutely no one.

Didn’t this just happen last year around this time Easter and fathers day. Also at another Catholic church some members were stabbed in the choir loft! Many may question how do people get angry to the point where they are ready to kill and start to have homicidal ideations!

There are a few different types; chronically aggressive individuals, The over-controlled hostility type, the hurt and resentful, the traumatized, the obsessive, the paranoid, the insane, and just plain bad & angry. Now some of these traits, many people, have but if you take the appropriate steps they can be treated and hopefully resolved. The people who don’t seek help or treatment act out such as in these recent incidents.

What do you think?

Dr. O

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