Motivational Blogging: Understanding Stress, A Psychiatrist’s Perspective

Motivational Blogging lesson today is about STRESS. Understanding stress is very important in our lives today.  A lot of each don’t really know that we are stressed. Many of us don’t know that many times we cause “self-inflicted” stress. There is a lot of research on this topic in the body of mental illness literature. However, I want to put things in a perspective for my readers to understand. Please feel free to ask questions after this post, also.

First, I basically see four types of stress: 1) Acute Stress, 2) Chronic Stress, 3) Toxic Stress and Good Stress. I would give you a brief definition of each in this post.

Acute Stress-“It just happened.” A car accident could be the cause. A relationship break-up could be the cause. A bad review of your job could be the cause. This is usually is a blow within 24 hours to the ego. There can be manifestations in every part of our body with “acute stress.”

Chronic Stress-“It is ongoing with our current solutions.” This type of stress can became medically disabling by leading to stroke, hypertension or even hair loss. An example would be living in a house where your rent/bills is much more that your income. Not having reliable transportation and poor credit and resources to get another. Everyday you are wondering, “Am I going to be late for work again?”

Toxic Stress-“Long-term and acute superimposed with no resolutions.” This type of stress is probably the most deadly. It can lead to suicide or death for other medical reasons. An example of toxic stress is living with an abusive spouse/lover or boo. Another example would be engaged in a relationship with a married person that is NOT going to leave their spouse.

Good Stress-“Something exciting or invigorating that you can control.” For example, that vacation that is coming-up August. The trip to go zip-ling or bunny-jumping. Other examples could be: graduations, weddings or simply a “drama-free” day in the park with friends.

Simple Ways to “Combat”  or Deal with Stress

  • Seek Counseling with a licensed therapist/psychiatrist
  • Take a vacation
  • Deep Breathing/Relaxation Training
  • Find another job
  • Go dancing
  • Move away (physical, spiritual and naturally) away from the stressor
  • Medication Management is not a bad idea

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