The Power of Declaration

The power of declaration is an interesting phenomena. Did you know that your words have power? Over half of most of our battles start in the mind. This post will challenge you to start thinking differently about every situation. If you are sick, speak health. If your are financially strained, speak wealth. We have got to re-establish the power of decreeing and declaring on a daily basis.

A lot of therapist doing CBT. This is formally “Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.” We simply illicit your negative thoughts and facilitate change. Change is oftentimes difficult. People usually don’t like to get in touch with their feelings. Do you? The more intimate we becomes with ourselves, their more effective we can become with others in our community.

Declaration is an affirmation of stance. We should not make them too lightly. We should become in touch with “intimate” self before involving others. Most of our ideas and relationships fail because of the “self-fulfilling” prophecy. Do you believe that your marriage will work? Do you believe that you can get that promotion? Do you believe you will become debt free?

Let’s start today changing your future, Began making the “positive declarations” daily. Start believing in what you speak.

Strategies for Better Living

  • Exercise
  • Proper Diet and Water Intake
  • Engagement with a Primary Care Physician
  • Engagement with a Psychiatrist/Therapist if needed
  • Vacations
  • Wholesome Relations
  • Spiritual Activities Weekly (church, synagogue, and small groups)

It is important to have a balanced life. It is also very important to have ongoing positive affirmations spoken over and into your life. Joel Osteen and T.D. Jakes tapes are also very good, also. The right kind of music and the right group of friends is important, too.

3 Final Things

  1. Release all negative energy
  2. Take Care of Yourself
  3. Be Happy

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