AskDrO Asks, “Are You Really In Love?”

How do you know if you're REALLY in love?

Is the feeling you have for a significant other REAL, or just an episode of infatuation? Here are 10 clues to help you answer this question: are you REALLY in love?

  1. You spouse/lover can do know wrong.
  2. You enjoy his/her after work scent.
  3. You can have morning sex before a bath.
  4. You kiss before a tooth brush has been used.
  5. You will wait for him/her outside in the cold.
  6. You will not pay your bill to pay his/her bills
  7. You will agree to sex more than once a day.
  8. You will run up your credit cards to buy him/her gifts.
  9. You will stay home from church to have sex.
  10. You will take an extended lunch, from work, for noonday sex.

If you can answer ‘yes’ to at least five of the above clues, you are most probably in LOVE.  If you are in LOVE and enjoying it for now, stay right there for now.

Quote: “You Know that You are in Love when Your Spouse/Lovers breath stinks to everybody except you!’ AskDrO

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