Valentine’s “Nay”: An Unorthodox Ode To Singles

As a guest writer for this post, I find that Valentine’s Day is a busying time for purchasing gifts, such as flowers, candy, cards, money, etc. True enough, we want something to commemorate our lovers’ efforts, to recognize them for their unique and lovable attributes, skills, compassion, and many other traits.  But, should you express your gratitude with material things? I mean, think about it: chocolate is consumed, flowers wilt, cards get trashed or recycled, or forgotten, and money (in most common hands) is disposed through shopping or other means of spending.

The notion that one day of the year is dedicated to the observance of love is a little ridiculous to me (well, make that TWO days, but I don’t think that Sweetest Day counts to most of us). Why not have Valentine’s bouquets for the ENTIRE year? Why not give your lover chocolates or cards on a regular day, like March 22nd, when NOTHING is happening around the world? I suppose my logic or lack of enthusiasm for February 14 is the reason I’m single; perhaps I’m better that way. At any rate, just because I have no Valentine to spend this Monday with, doesn’t mean I don’t have to have my own sort of fun!

Of course, as a single person, I get lonely every once in a while, but realistically, I really don’t have time to think about not having a mate. But… for the singles who DO find themselves a little down for lacking love in their lives, here are a few things to consider:

  • Economically Smart: Hey, why waste the money when you don’t have to? Sure, buying gifts for someone is nice, but if you can invest your $20.00 in some stock, GO FOR IT!
  • “Choosey” Lover: If you want to go on a date for Valentine’s Day, you have your pick of the litter. Don’t want to be bothered at all? You can just stay home and relax!
  • New “Addition”: Ever wonder if that man/woman in your apartment is single? Now’s the time to ask them out on a date! The worst they can say is “no”.
  • Stress Reduction: The world is stressful enough as it is…why strain yourself even more trying to find a Valentine?
  • Focus, Pocus: A lot of people pass the opportunity of self-identity by focusing on finding a mate. Relationships are more than focus from a lover’s perspective; perhaps having a strong network of family and friends is enough to make you feel whole. Being single helps you “zero in” on what’s most important. Love opportunities will always be out there, but gaining your sense of self may not.
  • Practice Makes Perfect: As stated before, love opportunities are always out there. The beauty of being single means you have a chance to experience the best (and worst) in people. Either way, you grow as a person and become wiser!
  • Freedom Fighter-less: You won’t have someone trying to tie up your time and energy, wanting to discuss unimportant aspects of life. You choose WHAT you want to do, WHEN you want to do it, and TO WHAT EXTENT you’d like to. Furthermore, you won’t be a disappointment to yourself at all, because if you do things for you, you will put in 100%!

Now don’t get me wrong, there are many advantages and reasons to celebrate being in a relationship.  However, for the rest of us, being by yourself ain’t half-bad, once you look at the facts.

So here’s to singles! The ones who DON’T have a Valentine and are perfectly fine with it – Brian J.




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