Video III: Angela Stanton DROPS the “final” BOMB on her former friend Phaedra Parks-RHOA

Angela’s heart-wrenching Testimony from Video III produced by  VIBE.COM:

I’m struggling…like I said before my mother died, my grandmother died when I was in prison…
I had my baby handcuffed to a bed…
My baby’s father he got  ‘Life’ so of course there is NO child support…
Nobody a give me a job…
Not only am I a convicted felon…I am a single mother…
I couldn’t get any housing assistance-because I was a convicted felon…(take a deep breath)

I couldn’t get any Section VIII-because I was a convicted felon
I even went to the nightclub to try to dance to support my children. I got hired, at the nightclub,  but when I went to go get my permit;they told me- ‘I couldn’t get a permit’- because I was a convicted felon…
But I never gave-up.I kept pressing but when I saw the first episode of Housewives of Atlanta..I was SHOCKED!…”

Now brace yourself for this last video.  Angela tell us why she wrote the book and why she is coming forward now!  I caution you it is intense so prepare to hear what Ms.Stanton has to say:

This is truly amazing!


Now that you have seen all three parts, just what are you thinking? I am sure that many of you may have mixed emotions, some good and some bad. The question is, “If these allegations are really true-how can anyone be so cruel to a African-American mother of five?” Although the verdict is still out and there have been no formal charges or investigation launched, to our knowledge-here are a couple of things to consider…

  1. Why would Ms.Stanton go to such great length to discredit this super-star lawyer?
  2. What does she have to gain by coming forth?
  3. Libel/Slander are punishable by law-only if not true?
  4. Does she have anything to loose at this juncture?
  5. Will you buy the book?
  6. Do you believe her?
  7. Should Phaedra be kicked-off of the REAL Housewives of Atlanta?

You guys have really been posting comments on the discussion board.  THANKS!   This is your last opportunity-I think to hear Ms.Stanton share the sentiments of her heart. I was certainly saddened by the fact that she had a number of children and couldn’t find housing, after being in prison. Being a convicted felon, in America, is no joke. You can’t even vote! And if you believe the propaganda-you will believe that you don’t even count.  However, you can ALWAYS turn things around for yourself.  I am sure that we will all get a copy of the book to support this young author.

Points to Ponder: (What Grandma use to and still does say)

  • “Be careful who you trust.”
  • “The devil wears PRADA!”
  • “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”
  • “Every shut-eye ain’t sleep and every good-bye ain’t gone!”

And the moral of this story is:

People will use your for their own promotion/pay/advancement and then tell you to kiss their (Fill-In-The -Blank) I have a couple of Christians that read the blog-LOL

“So just Learn early in LIFE to only Trust God and You will be O.K”

Dr.O (a direct quote from me)

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Also don’t forget to go to to hear more about her book. There is also a landing page there for Angela Stanton’s new publication.


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