Breaking News: Kansas Police Officer Shot and Killed

Breaking News:

A police officer has been shot dead in Kansas City, Kansas.


Tragedy strikes again, this time in Kansas City.  A police officer has been shot and killed while attemping to pursue multiple suspects in Kansas City, Kansas (KC). The officer reportedly engaged in a high speed chase of a vehicle that was allegedly carrying out a drive-by shooting. The officer has been identified as Captain Robert Melton.

The KC police Chief Terry Ziegler stated at a press conference, ” At approximately  two o’clock today there was a drive-by shooting down on First Street. When officers arrived, the suspect vehicle took off” and a car chase ensued as more police joined the pursuit.”

Shortly after at a nearby intersection, Ziegler says the suspects fled the vehicle, opening fire on Caption Melton. Captain Melton was fatally wounded and carried to a nearby trauma center.

Captain Melton was pronounced dead at 2:55 pm. Our deepest condolences go out to his family and friends.


The Mayor of Kansas City asks that the media refrain from making assumptions on the reasons behind the shooting.

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