Lose Weight On Twinkies….HE Did…

Dr. Mark Haub.

This is purely insane…but apparently it worked. A man loses 27 pounds on a sugary diet primarily of Twinkies, powdered donuts and Nutty Bars.

Dr. Mark Haub of Kansas State University, in an effort to prove that caloric intake is the most important factor in weight loss, tested his scientific theory by using a very personal Guinea pig…himself.

Reportedly, for 10 weeks, the professor of human nutrition ate these snack cakes every three hours, instead of regular meal. Additionally, he reinforced his intake with Doritos, sugary cereals and Oreos.

Even with all those fatty, sweet snacks filling him up, Haub followed a basic principle in weight loss: he consumed considerably less calories than he burned, consuming only 1800 cal/day as opposed to the standard 2600 cal/day.

As a result, Dr. Haub’s Body Mass Index (BMI) lowered from an “overweight” 28.8 to a “normal” 24.9, and he now weighs approximately 175lbs. So….I suppose we can all throw away our “Lose Weight Fast” books and fire our personal trainers on this one.

But although this experiment was a success for Dr. Mark Haub, many of us won’t have the discipline to JUST eat Twinkies and lose weight. Even worse, I’m thinking about the long-term effects this might have on his mental and physical health. Sugar has been linked to various illnesses, such as kidney disorder, cardiovascular disease. Additionally, mental problems can occur, such as depression and the ability to think clearly.

So, after all, was this a success story? Only time will tell…

A large consumption of fatty and sugary foods can lead to serious physical and mental issues, such as weight gain, heart disease, depression and anxiety. We believe that a healthy mind equals a healthy body; check your mental status by taking the Dr. Owens Mental Health Prescreen Assessment today!

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